Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A day at the Chuuk Post Office

Here is Sister Tiffany standing outside of the Post Office trying to catch a breeze while the postmen look for our mail.  I say look because sometimes they can't find it.  Ever since the post office moved to this temporary site there has been some confusion.  At the present time we have no postboxes so they have to retrieve everyone's mail by hand and each day dozens of packages are mailed here to people from family that live in the states.  I think we mentioned we are limited greatly on what you can purchase here and as you know, Missionaries look forward every day to the news they receive in the mail and packages they get from home. This post office is not well organized so we have a lot of confusion here. 
In Chuuk, confusion is called Osukasuk (that word actually covers a multitude of things including confusion)
The mail people here work hard with only a small fan to cool things down and that place is hot. They are busy all the time going up and down stairs to get mail and packages.  The good news is Chuuk is building a new post office and when it is ready I am sure it will be a great day.  Not only for the people but for these mailmen and women. We thank them for the work they do each day.  

 This is what some of our packages for the Elders look like if they are not taped well, on occasion someone will cut a corner off and steal some candy or something out of the packages.  This is actually a good looking package, we have seen worse.  When mailing things please be sure to tape the sides up good and use priority mailing because usually it is cheaper and because if you don't it might take 6 months or longer to get to Micronesia.  It is US mail postage.

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