Wednesday, June 6, 2012

O' where, o' where should we shop today...

Chuuk has many, many small stores to choose from, the problem with them is they all have the same stuff.  You find a favorite with the people and prices you like and that is where you shop.
 This is our little pink stand where we buy fresh cucumbers. Chuuk has the best and they are always sweet and tasty.
We also buy our small banana's & limes from here.
  This little store is where we buy yummy cold coconuts for drinking and eating...Today we purchased red potatoes from here.
The interesting thing is, they taste nothing like what we grow at home. I sure hope when I cook them Sunday for the AP's they are as good.  The packages in green are breadfruit.  It is so cool the way they wrap it up in a big leaf with a tie around it to keep it together.
One more of the many, many stores.
The sign says Fresh Puu For sale.  Puu grows in Micronesia on a tree.  They chew it like tobacco.  It gives them a buzz, and it's really bad for their teeth and of course, their over all health.
It is against the Word of Wisdom.

Pretty much all the stores sell fresh baked rolls and whatever fresh veggie that is available.  
This little store is right over the edge of the road, it is called the  "Look Down Store"
This is a typical isle in one of our bigger stores.  We didn't even know they made that much spam.  All kinds of flavors and brands...

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