Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Update from Archibalds returning home U.S.

Hi Elder and Sister Tiffany                                              
    How are things in Chuuk? We certainly do miss being there. Thank you so much for being such good friends. When we left I felt a little like we were deserting in the middle of a battle. We have been home 10 days now and I’m just getting over the jetlag.  The journey home was long. I am glad we stayed in Guam two nights. It gave us a chance to rest and catch our breath and we had a nice lunch with the Andersons and Sister Obenauer. We got a room in Hawaii where we had a 12 hour layover and that was very much worth the cost.
    Part of our family were in Ogden to meet us and I got to meet Lily our new granddaughter for the first time. She is a chubby beautiful 4 month old little girl. When we walked in our house I was struck by all the “stuff” we have that we don’t need. That doesn’t include fly rods! I have been on the Weber River twice and caught and released around 50 brown trout one day and 30 on the second day. I have adapted to the traffic but I have not acclimatized yet, the cold dry air still is uncomfortable.
    Roslyn tolerated the flights better than I thought she would. She had an MRI done which shows high grade spinal stenosis so surgery is scheduled May 11. We spoke in sacrament meeting last Sunday and from what our stake president said it appears that we’ll have go on the stake speaking circuit now. Maybe Roslyn’s surgery will get us out of some of the speaking. The ward members were very interested in what we had to say but there is no way to relate what a mission in Chuuk is like to people who have no personal reference experience. Our ward is quite well off economically and most have not lived in a third world country.
    I have had several e-mails from the doctors in Chuuk and based on the minutes they have sent me they have had two good multidisciplinary meetings.
    We think about you every day and pray for you and the elders. Your doing a great work. I think that the Lord is sending many missionaries to Chuuk for reasons that we don’t understand now.

Lyle AKA Elder Archibald

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  1. Hello Archibalds,
    Thank you for the update. We are glad your crossing went so well and you were so well received. We can only imagine what it must be like trying to relate the circumstances here in Chuuk. No one who hasn't been here will be able to picture it. We had a visitor here, a member, that works for the Coast Guard. He was surprised there was even any senior missionaries here. He called us the hard core missionaries.
    We're glad to hear that the fish there are not getting away without some lip trouble and that your stream side therapy is going well. We do miss you guys and remark about how blessed we were to have you here. So sorry to hear that Roslyn is going to have surgery. We will pray for a good outcome and a speedy recovery for her.
    You have left many people here in a much better condition than before your arrival. Your sojourn here was a real blessing and a great comfort.
    Thank You Again,
    The Tiffanys