Tuesday, May 29, 2012

B...i...n...g...o... Bingo is the game

The language here is Chuukese, but the official language of the government is English, the fullness of the Gospel is written in English.  The Book of Mormon is only partly translated into Chuukese, so it is very important to know how to read, speak and write English here.  
We wanted to see how well our English class was learning, but we didn't feel a test would be a good way to do that.  So we decided to make it fun and in a way they wouldn't know we were testing.  We decided on playing BINGO....who doesn't like playing BINGO. The rules were, you had to use the word in a sentence.  We only used words they have learned this year.  Well, it turns out they missed about 5 or so words but over all everyone has been learning and having having a good time.
 Our English class is a lot of fun.  We try to teach them English using the scriptures, American phrases, poems, etc.,  Every now and then they like to throw in an American Song or rhyme.  
Can you spell "free word"
One of our free words was "whey", like in Curds and Whey.
Try to explain that to people who don't know or have dairy. 
This poor little guy was so tired and bored he sat down in the corner and fell asleep.
"Little Jack Corner sat in the corner" 
 Our little Brady Joseph also wore out from all the excitement.  His Mom is doing a balancing act. She got BINGO twice... yeah!
Time for the treats, Sister Tiffany.  Lets do this again next week!!
We always have fun teaching English class.  A lot of laughing goes on with this group.  They are such a fun loving, spiritual group of people. Big smiles transcend the language gaps.
Everyone is awake when the chocolate comes out...

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