Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When it "Rains it Pours"

Oh my what a week > When it "Rains it Pours" (in Chuuk that is literal).  After we finished up with all the Mother's day skype calls where the Elders get to call home.  Every mother loves to hear from her children, and Mother's day is another special day to tell her thank you and how much she is loved. Sister Tiffany loves to hear from hers.  We started making calls on Saturday with a few ladies from our Branch that have children living in the States.  It is normal for someone in each family to move away, either to Guam or the States to attend school.  A lot of times they don't get the opportunity to come back home to Micronesia, so it is very special when they can communicate for FREE.  Isn't modern  technology great.  It's so wonderful to see how happy they are when they get the opportunity to speak with one another.  We're trying to share pictures online for their families to see as often as possible.
After church on Sunday the Elder's began to call home.  We have 14 Elder's in our Zone so it takes time to get them all taken care of.  We have another Senior couple in our zone and they also have two computers set up for the Elders to use.  We set up one computer downstairs on the wifi and one upstairs in our apartment.  Downstairs they got to show off the view from the deck.
Next morning Monday at 6am the first phone call home to Utah. It's 2pm there.  It was a very long day.  Elder Tiffany made pancakes for breakfast and Sister Tiffany made Gazpacho soup for lunch.  Later that same day, Sister Eakin made sandwiches for the Elders.  All the boys were well fed and happy. It was a busy 3 day weekend for all.
We then followed it up with a couple of trips to the 
outer island called "Romalum".
There is no doubt for us that this is the Lords errand we are on. The GPS locating of the members has been very beneficial. They are truly very happy that we are making the effort to find them and check on their needs.  Fortunately, our Savior has given us a direction finder and guide that will help us even when we cannot see beyond discouraging obstacles.  We refer to the gift of the Holy Ghost.  But we must be willing to use and rely on this divine gift, and we must keep it in good repair.
Off we head to the jungle,  
Sometimes it is difficult because it is so hot and humid. We walk through the jungle, over rocks, up hills, in water, on trails that sometimes you cannot find.  Please don't get me wrong though, this is also our favorite thing to do in our mission.  We get to meet members both active and non. We find people that thought they were lost to the church and we get to talk to people that belong to other religions.  The miracles we get to be part of are tender mercies to us.
over the rocks and all...
Enjoying a refreshing Coconut @ George of the Jungles house.
This young man spent the day helping us...
Elder Meldrum showing us he can lift the 
Homemade Chuukese weight,
Elder Sofele watching over him making sure he is safe doing it :) 
Elder Tiffany enjoying the largest coconut we have ever drank,
it was like a gallon of milk, but coconut.  So yummy!
Us with some of the adorable kids from Romolum
The Elders after a long, sweaty, hot day :) 
finishing up Gps on Romolum

"This gospel culture comes from the plan of salvation, the commandment of God, and the teachings of the living prophets.  To help its members all over the world, the Church teaches us to give up any personal or family traditions or practices that are contrary to this gospel culture". (Dallin H. Oaks)

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