Monday, May 21, 2012

Mission Hymn in Chuukese

Fonuen Sat, ren Christ Oune Feito                                                     
Tune: Hark all ye nations hymn #264

1 vs. Sa pechekum, noun Kot chon attau (We are the strong children of God people of fishing)
Non Micronesia, sat mi arau (In Micronesia, ocean is blue)
Monei ach chew ren anwe aurur, (Throw out our nets for he directs)
Noun souneng sa kokor (His Saints we call)
2 vs. Chon nangin Kot ra suk ewe an (Angels of God they open the way)
Churi soufos non saigonon ran; (Meet prophets in the last days)
A nom pukfel, pwe, ka sinei met (They exist in the scriptures, that you know what)
Ach kapas mi ennet. (Our words our true)
3 vs. Aniwin pristut, unus a feito (Returned Priesthood, fullness has come)
Ei ach kapas non fos sokkono (This our words in languages different)
Suki netip, sening esap pung (Open hearts, listening if not correct)
Esap noninen tong.(It's not hesitant love)
4 vs. Peias no konik, sisap usun noom, (Buried in water, we're not like old)
Tota usun we akkar akkom. (Go up like the sun, first)
Sa ningoch non An we namanam, (We are glorious in His power)
Ach fansoun a saram. (Our time is bright)
5 vs Nge mwan mi tipis, ra mwicheto (But men is sin, they come together)
Popunan Kot chok, easap kouno, (Purpose of God only it can't stop)
Pour mi nimengaw esap amang (Their hands is dirty it won't stay)
Ikenei, ach angang (Today, our work)
Fonuen sat, ren Christ oune feito (Lands of ocean, for Christ you will)
Ennet epwe ngasakemino (Truth come it will make you free)
Kapacheneong ewwe nguni pin (Combined with the Holy Ghost)
An kapas a niwin (His words have returned)

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