Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Changes in Latitude, changes in attitude"

So we looked forward to and planned for a full day of walking the jungles searching for members and their homes and it becomes one test after another. First thing after prayer and scriptures, we headed to our local post office > which is a funny story in itself. At the beginning of the year the post office got kicked out of their building because they did not pay the lease. One day they just closed the door and took the sign down and moved. We were all like --- where did the post office go? This is the building the post office used to be in.
They are now located in another building on a different road by the CPUC "CASH power" (story for another time). This is the road we have to go down to get to the post office....
The PII construction company that is rebuilding the roads is working on putting in new pipelines and doing everything else you need to do to put a road in, (very busy & messy). So when we left the post office we got stuck behind a cement trunk and couldn't move. Here on the island the people are in no hurry, so everyone just sits there. We're like, Hello, backup, we need to move, and they give you a look like what's your hurry.
Finally Elder Tiffany got us out of that mess and we headed to off to meet up with the Zone leaders to go to District meeting. It is always great to meet with the Elders and see what has been going on throughout the week. Plus we learn a lot from each other. We are now going to the other side of the island called "Wichap" for our District meetings. Because of the GPS work we've done in that area, we now have more people coming out to church. And we now have missionaries there again. After the meeting we headed down towards the area we are currently working in for the day. Thinking we were getting an early start we were excited, then we realize we don't have the GPS Unit with us. Where could it be? We searched and searched and then decide we better run back to our apartment and see if we left it there.
Well, our island is tiny but its a good 30-45 minute round trip to go 4 miles.(Remember bad roads) As we are driving we got a phone call from a gentleman we were expecting to hear from on Friday. He says "Hello Tiffany's, we are going to fire up the Water Desalination Unit right now, if you would like to come to the dock" Yes,yes we will be right there. Turn around Elders, let's go check it out. All of us were excited about this phone call so we head towards the dock.
It is island time remember, but we thought they might be ready...well...they were not. So we waited. The Elders started checking things out around the dock and climbed aboard the boat next to us. Sister Tiffany broke out the camera;
Elder Tiffany showing us how he too can have a good time on "Captain Mailo's" boat.
Elder Tiffany, Elder Butler and Elder Johnson keeping an eye out on the water treatment as the bosses are moving it around from the top deck. Turned out the Desalination Unit never got fired up so we're off again. We now begin the day we had planned but it is after 2pm. We are ready to go. Attitudes still positive, check...let's go visit some members. We are seeing quite a bit of success with doing our GPS locating. Most of the members just want to be invited to come back to church. Missionary work, Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching are so vitally important especially with the less active members. Many times they just need to be reminded how much the branch or ward loves them and needs them. The following pictures are of a few families we had the privilege of meeting this day. The location we are working in now is called "The Mwan Branch" it is the largest branch on the island and they have the new church that was dedicated in 2010 by Elder Christofferson.
He said: "Today, for the first time, an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ has come to Chuuk, formerly known as Truk." He encouraged the people to continue to be faithful so that acceptance of the gospel may continue to grow in Chuuk.
Mosiah 2:17: "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God," and then he said, "That is how it is. When we serve one another, we serve our Heavenly Father."
“In the work of the Lord, we all learn one great lesson: Each of us stands tall on the shoulders of giants who preceded us,” Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostle
The courage and sacrifice of early missionaries, have set the standard for us today.
“This is part of President Monson’s vision, that we all are to participate in the rescue. Helping Heavenly Father’s children return to Him will be a vital part of our individual missionary labors.
“In the work of the Lord, we all learn one great lesson", Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles bore his testimony at the devotional. He said we have a sacred responsibility to continue missionary work. “You may not be as talented as you’d like to be; … you may or may not have all the baptisms that you would like; there are a lot of things that you won’t be able to control,” Elder Holland said. “But there is one thing that you can control and that is that you honor the office to which you’ve been called. You honor the sacred role of missionaries in this church. We pray that we remember who we represent at all times, all things and all places.

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