Friday, February 17, 2012

Elder Tiffany with Chuuk's oldest citizen

Elder Tiffany with Jacob, he is 89 years old and one of the oldest people in the Micronesia Islands. He remembers the massive airstrike "Operation Hailstorm" Jacob was a special guest today marking the Anniversary. "the airstrike on Truk Island" was a massive naval air and surface attack launched on February 17–18, 1944, during World War II by the United States Navy against the Japanese naval and air base at Truk in the Caroline Islands, a pre-war Japanese territory.
In total the attack sank three Japanese light cruisers (Agano, Katori, and Naka), four destroyers (Oite, Fumizuki, Maikaze, and Tachikaze), three auxiliary cruisers (Akagi Maru, Aikoku Maru, Kiyosumi Maru), two submarine tenders (Heian Maru, Rio de Janeiro Maru), three other smaller warships (including submarine chasers Ch-24 and Shonan Maru 15), aircraft transport Fujikawa Maru, and 32 merchant ships. Some of the ships were destroyed in the anchorage and some in the area surrounding Truk lagoon. Over 250 Japanese aircraft were destroyed, mostly on the ground. Jacob or Obou as they call him here was baptized in to the Church in 1984 along with his whole family and extended family. He was twice the Branch President on one of the outer islands called Romanum. His family is very prominent in the Church here and he has quite a Legacy. A few days after this picture was taken he went to Hawaii where he hopes to go through the temple. He'll be staying with his son while on Hawaii.

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  1. I have a son named Elder Obray who just got assigned to that area. He is serving with elder Jones.