Monday, February 6, 2012

Missionary life living on Chuuk

A typical week on our tiny island of Weno begins on Sunday by attending church early in the morning. After church we grab a small snack, then begin our class teaching English.
The Elders attend so they can help with translation, just in case we need it. Sister Tiffany bribes them with DINNER. She says it works every time. The Elders are always hungry and we love having them over. Also, it's a win/win because we get a Chuukese language class from them while they are at our home. As the week starts each day we get up early to exercise (or at least Elder Tiffany does), read and study scriptures, eat and we are off. Monday is p-day so we get the shopping, banking and catch up stuff done, then occasionally have lunch at the local eating establishment and watch sports.(Elder Tiffany likes to keep up) This is the "Truk Stop" the local establishment
The rest of the week is filled with teaching classes such as English, Temple Prep Class and Family History Classes. It's amazing how one class ties into another. Also, what a terrific tool to fellowship.
We have the internet hooked up now in the Mwan branch on the island,and we have 2 computers and a printer, we are hoping for newly updated equipment soon. (Everything here is on island time) that means sssssssslllllloooooowwwwwww. This past week we needed to find some books,and papers for our classes to see if we needed to order something. We went into the storage closet/library where they store everything. The room had a lot of manuals and boxes of stuff all over the place. We couldn't find anything, so Sister Tiffany suggested we clean it up and organize it. We threw out all the old stuff, put everything in it's place and labeled the boxes so everyone would know what was in them. We then prepared a box of stuff for each branch in our zone and gave them to the young Elders to take to their Branch Presidents. It was a quite the job, but it looks great now. The Branch President in this area has been off island visiting family in Utah. (we hope he comes back soon) Once or twice a week we do GPS locations of members, we find the home, visit them, check to see how they are doing, see if we can do anything for them and invite them to come to Church. We spend the day doing this with our Zone Leaders and the Branch President, who lives in the area we are working on. A lot of the families we visit are part member families so it gives the missionaries an opportunity to make appointments to come back and teach. This has been working very well. We have District meetings once a week. Thats when we get to meet with the young Elders to see how everyone is doing and catch up. We now have 2 districts on our island. The great thing about that is, when we arrived here we started working in an area called "Wichap". There hadn't been missionaries assigned there for a couple years for various reasons, but after going out and locating members, visiting them, inviting them back to church, the branch has grown. They are getting anywhere from 15 to 20 more people each week. They have great Priesthood leaders in this area with great people in the branch. We are excited because we have missionaries assigned back in the Wichap area again... yippee!!! We are very happy about that. We would get a few funny looks at first, but they still said Hello and waved to us. This area is beautiful, it's all jungle but the road getting up there is really bad. Our little car that we named "Berta" has a hard time getting there. Another reason we go with the Elders, they drive a truck. The people of Wichap were the first island people we spent time with. This area is our baby! So now we have now two districts. One on each side of the island.
Yup that pretty much sums up a great week in the tropics...

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