Monday, February 6, 2012

Chuuk Desalination Donation from LDS Church (2010) HD

This is such a great donation, we just located it today and they are getting ready to fire it up this week. We have been looking for it since November > no one knew where it was nor why they were not using it. What a blessing this is to the Chuukese people. We are super excited :) The unit fills a critical need for fresh water on an island that, up to now, has relied solely on rain water for the needs of the people. The donated unit has the capacity to convert 26,500 gallons of sea water per day into fresh water, for use by the citizens of Chuuk


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  2. It was donated in October 2010, correct? Where has it been since then? Has it been operating?

  3. Yes it was donated in 2010, but it has been just sitting and not being used. We heard all kinds of rumors, like it was broke down, it was sold to another island etc., Apparently the government is pretty corrupt around here. "surprise" . Well our mission President ask us to look for it and see what we could find out. We have be looking since November 2011, we finally found it this past week. It is so great, they are going to use it to supply water around the island and the outer islands within the lagoon. It did need a gasket, belt or something but they thought it was ready to go yesterday and because it has not been running the starter motor froze up. Now they are working on that. Then it will be ready to rock and roll. It is something they really need around here and such a wonderful blessing for the people. That video is filmed at the one and only super nice church on the island. It is actually the only nice building on this island and it's beautiful. Elder Christofferson offered a prayer of dedication, blessing the building as a place of meeting and a place of worship.