Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wonderful end to a exciting year 2011

We are much warmer than we are used to at this time of year. The thermometer reads about 85 degrees almost every day. The Humidity is somewhere in the same range. We have been trying to adjust to decorated palm trees with varying degrees of success. Santa in Bermuda shorts is a test and reindeer with sunglasses are a stretch. The rain does not stay mostly in the plain because there isn’t one. The jungle is very well watered and very lush. Our journeys into it have been very soggy affairs. So suffice it to say we are like a couple of snowshoes on the beach. (out of our element) What a great way to shake up our normal routine.
The time we spend with the members has been wonderful. Most of them have so little and yet they are so happy. They are extremely unselfish and want to share everything with us. It’s very humbling for us. They would give us their only food and sometimes do. The other day we got a fresh octopus. Honestly we didn’t know what to do with it so we gave it to the Elders.
Speaking of the Elders here, let us just say that we are so impressed with them. They are a great bunch of guys that are totally dedicated to this work and the Lord. It is an honor to know them and be able to work with them. They take us into the jungle and watch out for us all along the way and then when we get to a members house they are so gracious and giving and really try to connect with the less active members. The children all love them and follow us everywhere. By the time we get back to our vehicle, we have an entourage with us. In between times they are teaching us the language and talking to us about their investigators. We love them and for the first time this year they got to Skype their families on Christmas Day. Yaaay! We are very happy to be here to be included in this important work. Sometimes we look at each other and wonder how this came about, but we know the Lord has had his hand on our heads and pointed us in the direction that would do us the most good. We are just grateful to have this chance to serve him.
We very much appreciate the cards and letters that have been sent to us. They are like little blessings that appear when least expected and most appreciated.

God Bless all of you this Holiday Season,

Elder and Sister Tiffany
PO box 861
Moen, Chuuk
FSM 96942

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