Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We got our new "Chuuk" drivers license ---

Be sure to check out my  new name change, SPECIAL TIFFANY "for extra" --- also we are both now of "Island" race.  You gotta love island life, everyone is so kick back here.  We both got a new license but Elder Tiffany stayed with his real name.  
 Elder Tiffany at the Governors Financial office where you pay them to get a drivers license. $15.00pp.  This is the front door.  We walked by the first time because we thought it was a closed building. Silly us :)
Sister Tiffany @ the front door.  Oh how Special she is..... They have great names here, for example a few of our branch members are M4, M5, Mylovely, A7, Gladly, Lonely, Useless, Toy just to name a few.  GREAT PEOPLE

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