Thursday, December 22, 2011


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Merry Christmas to You
Christmas is a special time to look out at the beautiful snow on the ground and all the snowmen that have been made by the kids. All the pine trees with lights and decorations and icicles hanging on them.
A cozy big fire in the fireplace with big stockings waiting to be filled on Christmas Eve. Maybe a little egg nog all warmed up with the smell of fresh baked cinnamon rolls wafting in the air. Palm trees swaying in the ocean breezeeeee, What? Oh yeah, I forgot no palm trees or ocean breeze there in the land of Nod. Well, Christmas here is a bit different than what we’re used to. Yep, you can take that to the proverbial lending institution. The people here are in the Christmas spirit though, hanging decorations and manger scenes abound. The stores (of which there are a hundred little ones) are hanging lights and setting up trees to advertise and a few of them have guys yelling into microphones to “come shop here”. Except the do it in Chuukese. Excuse me while I look that up in my language dictionary. “Feito Kamo Iyeey” (more or less). Merry Christmas in Chuukese is Merry Christmas. Just thought I’d throw that in.
We’re planning a holiday dinner for all the Missionaries. Not sure exactly what we are gonna eat but we have a list to give the Zone leaders to get in Guam and bring back for things we can’t get here. Like sour cream, cream cheese, all most any kind of cheese, frozen fruits, Cereal without sugar on it, real milk and cream of chicken soup. Our little Christmas tree sits on a table just inside our living room area and we try to turn on the lights every chance we get, hoping that it will spark a little Christmas joy. We put a few things under it and we will put some more soon. The Missionaries are going to get little packages that we have put there for them. Our work goes on here.
There are four areas here on this island "Weno" that were needed to be mapped with the GPS unit.  Since we have arrived here we have finished one of them and we’re just getting started doing the other. After that or maybe in conjunction with that we will start doing the other islands. The weather has not permitted us to go out to them yet.  Well it has, but we didn’t feel like getting soaked by rain.

The Spirit is strong here among the members and the missionaries. We have been to a baptism and we have more planned on Christmas Eve. It’s been great to see the work that is going on here. We have met many people here and meet more every day. They have great big smiles and are very humble in their hearts.

Their circumstances are also very humble but it does not seem to bother them. The children’s inventiveness is astounding. They can make a toy out of anything. One boy we saw had cut off the top of a plastic oil can and stuck a couple straight sticks through it towards the bottom and then taken little limes and stuck them on the ends of the sticks for wheels. Then he tied a string to it and tied it onto another stick to hang on to and pull it around like a pull toy. Some other boys took empty rice bags and folded it up just right so that when they hold it up and jerk it down, it makes a loud pop noise.
All the teens here play basketball and volley ball. Their playing everywhere you go. All the chapels here have a court to play on outside available to everyone and they are always in use.

May God Bless each of you and we wish you a very Merry Christmas.
Elder and Sister Tiffany

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