Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Being taught @ The Ruins of Zarahelma

We arrived on Guam early Monday morning around 530am. We were grateful to spend some time with the other couples and looked forward to learning from them.

Us arriving at the Ruins of Zarahemla --
Monday night for Family Home Evening, we all carpooled to another Senior couples home, Elder and Sister Nortons, where we had been invited for dinner. 

Our honored guests that spoke to us after dinner were Brother and Sister Chris Gittens, who were in the Talisay Branch. They have lived in Guam 12 years. He is now the Stake Patriarch. We were richly blessed by the things they both taught. 

Sister Gittens transcribes the patriarchal blessings and said that on the first one she felt like she would make some changes to the words because she loves English and wanted everything to be said correctly. She said she could NOT move her fingers when she got to the place where she was going to make changes. She said they were frozen on the keys. When she decided she just better type the blessing exactly as it was given her hands flew across the keys easily.
Brother Gittens talked to us about how most of the work of the church is being done by Ephraim and sometimes Manasseh and occasionally other tribes. He told us to picture the baptismal font in the temple and how it is held up by 12 oxen. He suggested that when all 12 tribes are doing the work it will spread rapidly over the earth. When we think about the fullness of the gospel going forward with all the tribes it fills my heart with joy. Think what a great day that will be. But for now, Ephraim is to carry the work forward and finding the elect. The elect meaning those who hear the message and follow it.

Elder Tiffany and President Mecham sharing a laugh...
They called this place, The Ruins of Zarahemla. They had cleaned out all the debris and added potted plants, tables and chairs. Decorated with tiki torches, white lights and a tarp for the roof. "Good thing too cuz as usual, it rained"
They served a Café Rio menu of sweet pulled pork with all the fix'ins. She even made fried ice cream for dessert. It was scrumptious. We love Mexican food.
Amazing dinner Sister Norton, Thank You. (sister in the apron)

Brother and Sister Burgess are a wonderful couple that joined us for dinner.   

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