Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We have arrived to Guam

We have arrived in the beautiful island of Guam, where it was sunny and tropical breezes are warm and moist.  The plane ride was long and tiring. We watched 3 movies and took many walks around the plane to stretch our legs. You try to sleep, but the hard working flight crews are busy feeding everyone, so as soon as you get to sleep, here they come again with more food  (not complaining just informing).  Our flight crew was amazing. We only had one onery one but she cheered up eventually :). The food was good and healthy.

 Leaving SLC, we had around 25 elders and sisters and one other couple, Elder and Sister Pugmire (they got off in LA going to Africa) and were in the MTC with us.  We knew we were in good hands.  These young people are amazing, all of them knew the language and will be serving in Japan where we changed planes again heading for Guam.   We are very happy to be off the plane and are finally catching up on our sleep.  We are 17 hours ahead of our home in the States.    

Our mission president is President and Sister Mecham from Salt Lake City, Utah.  They are in there 50's, have four kids, 3 girls and 1 boy.  He was a lawyer and her a school teacher.  They didn't know they were ready to serve a full time mission yet.  But when the Lord called they accepted. We are happy they did because they are wonderful people. Perfect for us and we look forward to serving with them. 

We met the couple we will be replacing, Elder and Sister Peterson from Hyrum, Utah.  What a great couple.  He is a fun man with a great laugh and she is a sweet supportive woman.  Last night we had a going home dinner/party for them with some of the couples that are serving here in Guam.  We have had the opportunity to meet some of the local members and elders serving here also.  Everyone is so nice and loving.

We leave in the morning (Friday) which is Thursday in the states, to go to the island of Chuuk.  We have seen a lot of pictures and received a lot of good information.  The couples there have found us an apartment, painted it and even found us some furniture, (we are excited about that), we originally didn't have furniture only a bed.  We will have AC and the power is supposed to be on all the time. Thats a  big plus.

Our focus now will be to get to know the people and the other missionaries.  It will be a lot of fun to see how we adapt to our new experience.  The place is very pretty and not without some danger to add to the adventure and mystery.  Into the unknown and over the lip of the cliff into the abyss of our imagination.  Whatever all that means. 

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