Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saturday Baptism and Jungle traveling

We started the day with 2 baptism's at the Mwan Branch, with the Elders and other Couples here.
It was all in Chuukese but the great thing about the spirit it speaks to all of us willing to open our hearts and listen.  What a beautiful baptism it was. 
Then we headed up to another Branch called Wichap to do member locating with the GPS unit. The people here do not have addresses so we get the GPS location, visit them and make sure they are fine, then off to the next member. We visit both active and non active members.
Most of the island is a jungle and the people here live in the jungle, so we put on our tennis shoes and we are off. Sister Tiffany has to wear a skirt which can be challenging at times. (understatment) The last time we were out locating members she slipped and fell down on the rock. She is okay but it did hurt her elbow and pride a little. :(
This time we had no injuries and we had enough breeze to keep us cool. :) We visited several members, including the Elder's quorum president. His name is Mark and he has a great view from where he lives of the Lagoon. He climbed the tree and got us all coconuts to drink. He uses a machete to cut the top off so we could drink them. We were forwarned to carry straws because the juice get's all over your shirt and it stains. We had the opportunity to try some of the local Tapioca plant (it is nothing like what we have in the states) and it's kinda bland. We also had the opportunity to try some cooked banana's (bland and dry). The Chuukese people are so polite and have a smile to greet you every where you go. When we go out into the jungle like this we always take the Elders and the Branch President with us. Pres. Macky is a native here and has a very interesting conversion story. They speak the language and know what is acceptable behavior here.
Elder Tiffany felt like he was in an old trazan movie. Every once in a while he would look up half expecting to see a big tree house and a bunch of monkeys swinging around.
There really are no monkeys here, nor snakes or anything dangerous to worry about. Not even allegators. Just an occasional mudhole that swallows us up and we have to use the periscope to get through it. The cars come equipped with them standard here.

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