Friday, April 13, 2012

Finally some "Super happy news"

Yes we are super super exceedingly happy that Elder Meldrum is back with us in Chuuk. It is awesome for him to come back to where his heart is and finish out his mission. He will serve on an outer island called Romanum, all the Elders love this island. It is beautiful out there.
This picture has Elder Meldrum's new companion Elder Sofele... then his buddy Elder Robertson...then him...then his other buddy Zone Leader Elder Butler.
Of course, Sister Tiffany broke the rules and had to give our Elder a hug when he returned. (She knows she is not suppose to give him a hug), But she too was happy to see him. Look at the face :0 He is always pulling some kind of funny face :)
We are all happy to be able to spend sometime with him before he leaves us and goes back to the states with his family.
This is Romanum.....
We feel the Lord is breaking us in on "goodbye's" and we don't like them. No one ever told us that goodbye would be this hard.
The Chuuk Zone is a tight group, you have to trust and depend on each other. The closest outside civilization is over 600 miles away. For the Elders this is a camping trip of a lifetime. This isn't your regular missionary experience. Here in Chuuk, everyday is an adventure :) You learn to roll with them...and be Pwapwa (happy) and trust fully on the Lord.
We are very proud of these young men, they all do amazing work here.

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